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How it all started

Celine travelled a lot with her family from very early age and gathered impressions from different cultures and environments. She also lived in many different countries and continued exploring the world, and after having tried other job fields, she realized that she was always falling back to the interest of houses and spaces and their design with the potential they had and started doing own projects.


One day in London she realized she should work with what she loves and the work then became united with the passion and hobby, which is the only way in order to deliver true quality to clients.

During Celine's time in London, she was introduced to Igor, a talented Art Director that could almost read her mind and transit her ideas into beautiful illustrations and is a digital guru.

After a couple of years Celine decided to move back to Sweden and started the same business in Stockholm, also taking on international projects.

 The Team

The studio members are passionately focused on delivering the perfect interior in a space, excersing ever better sense of detail, colour and texture.


They utilise their broad knowledge of spatial concepts and visualisation skills to harmonise and maximise your space.


Join us today for an adventure of your space! 


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Stockholm, Sweden & London, UK

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